Natalie Elena

Meet Natalie Elena. We call her our group cheerleader because she is always happy and peppy,

bouncing around and loving life. Her favorite things are shaking her booty, body slamming her Mom

Lady, and being in everyone’s business at Bixieland. Nothing gets by our Nat Nat! Natalie is 11 years old.

Her birthday is 9/18/08 and she came to us 9/18/18.

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Lilly Belle

Meet Lilly Belle. Lilly was Mom Lady’s first special needs rescue! Lilly is totally deaf and reads lips and

hand signals. She is so good at this that most people never realize she is deaf! Lilly is a total love bug.

She loves fluffy blankets, ear scratches, and giving you kisses right on the mouth. Lilly is nine years old.

Her birthday is 2/21/10 and she came to us on 2/21/14.

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Polly Anna

Polly Anna was Mom Lady’s first senior rescue. She came to us on 1/02/13 after being surrendered to

the shelter the day after Christmas. She had numerous health issues, but she really rallied after being

under our care. Polly lived for 2 ½ more years before dying of a massive stroke. Polly is the reason that

Mom Lady started rescuing seniors. Mom made a promise to Polly the day she passed, that she would

continue to help other pups just like Polly Anna.


Abbie Elizabeth

Meet Abbie Elizabeth. Abbie is the baby of the group. We were told that she was much older when we

agreed to take her in to “retirement”. After getting her home and settled, we discovered she was a

young, young pup, but the oldies took to her and so she stayed. She is our exercise coordinator and

keeps the retirees on their paws! Abbie is four years old and her birthday is 5/07/15.


Harlowe Kate

Harlowe Kate came to us on 12/26/18 with lymphoma. Her people had surrendered her to the shelter

to be euthanized. Harlowe was in very bad shape when she came to us, but we couldn’t let her pass

away alone in the shelter. She had a very happy, joyous seven days with us before she crossed the

rainbow bridge.


Riley Page

Meet Riley Paige. Riley was one of Bixieland’s first breeder rescues. She has no use for people, but loves

being around the other pups. She has discovered how to make the humans laugh though and she will do

whatever it takes to get a chuckle! Riley is 11 years old and she came to us on 6/13/14. Her birthday is



Whitley Jane

Meet Whitley Jane. Whitley was the only one left of a litter of pups and no one wanted her. Mom Lady

had just lost three of her older pups and decided a puppy might be nice change. Whitley is a hot mess.

She panics over everything! We always know when it’s going to storm because Whitley starts

hyperventilating. Whitley is eight years old. Her birthday is 3/14/11 and she came to us on Mother’s

Day of 2011. (Sidenote: Mom Lady went back to taking older dogs after Whitley!)


Molly Caroline

Meet Molly Caroline. Molly is the super shy and stays in the background most of the time. The only

time you really get to see her personality is when it’s time to eat! She becomes the loudest, bounciest,

silliest pup of the bunch at mealtimes. Molly had major leg surgery right after she came to us to remove

some masses. She is thriving now. Molly is eight years old. Her birthday is 3/14/11 and she came to us

on 12/29/18.


Charlotte Cecilia

Meet CeCe. CeCe’s full name is Charlotte Cecilia and she is 10 years old. She loves to nap, nap, nap, eat,

nap, and nap some more! We call her our little Garfield pup. She is very serious about what is hers and if

someone gets in one of “her” beds, she will stand and stare them down until they move! CeCe’s

birthday is 3/29/09 and she came to us on 3/29/18.

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